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Huffington Post: Northeast Maglev Train Plan Aims To Cut Down D.C.-N.Y. Travel Times

The Huffington Post talks about high-speed "magnetic levitation," and the proposed rail system between D.C. and New York.

How would you like to get to and from the nation's capital and New York City in an hour while avoiding annoyances at the airport? The Washington Post reports that the Northeast Maglev, a private, D.C.-based company -- working with the group that runs Japan's bullet train -- is proposing to bring a high-speed "magnetic levitation" rail system between D.C. and New York, with stops in between. Trips between D.C. and Baltimore would take just 15 minutes. Getting all the way to New York from D.C. would take about an hour. The system would, the company says, eventually be extended to Boston.

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